7 Study Hacks To Study Smart During Lockdown And Score High!

Distractions are taking a toll on a student’s education, the News of Rising Number of COVID-19 Cases in proximity, Immeasurable Influence of Social Media, or Unnecessary News Coverage is eliminating the Crucial talks of our Education System. Considering the fact that over 1,048,817,181 Enrolled Learners are affected due to the Pandemic, we need to come forward with Effective Study Hacks and Encourage our Children and Students for Proper Self Study.

Home Study requires good concentration and effective study planning to crack highly competitive exams and perform good.

We can’t let the Lockdown affect the future and Academic Careers of Students. Making Self Study Effective is the Only Choice and the “New Normal’’ we can have during Coronavirus Lockdown. Home Study, Distance Learning, or Online Learning at this Larger scale is quite new and it will take time to adjust to these norms. It’s High Time to Study Harder and Cover Syllabus Fast because Unlike Regular days Students have a lot of time for Self Study, Practice, and a Plenty of Resources to dive into.

Here are a Few Study Hacks to Learn and Study effectively during Lockdown with full Concentration. These Powerful Tips will prepare you for General and Competitive Exams.

1. Organize and clean your study space

Mark Your Study Territory, Make it all Quiet, Neat and Tidy, Put Pens in the Penholder, files in the drawer, Set Books and Notes Subjectwise, and throw the paper Litters in the dustbin. Let Your Parents, Siblings, or your Roommates know you are studying and you don’t want to be disturbed.

2. Create a study plan

Note down what are the Subjects you need to focus on more, how many topics, and what topics you need to cover in a day. How many Questions are You Going to Practice? How much time You will devote to Learn and Practice that Topic. Set Goals accordingly. Make sure you note down how much time you actually took to complete your goals to Measure Your Progress.

3. Make notes

While studying make sure you take notes. Often Some Students copy word to word which is not a way of making notes. You need to Summarize what you understood from your lessons and write it in your language.

You Notes Should contain all Important facts, figures, and references that You may use in Exams to answer better. It must be well written, so next time you revise, you will know what’s there.

4. Take video lessons

Despite Your Online Classes, you may have doubts or questions. Make sure you seek their answers and look into other good resources as well such as Youtube or Learning apps like Studynlearn.

Learn from other resources to get your answers and a bigger picture of the topic. Studynlearn, one of the Best CBSE Learning App helps you to understand the most difficult concept in just around 10 minutes with the Help of Quizzes, Interactive apps, and Engaging 2D-3D animation Videos Lessons which you would not want to skip!

Check the App Now: CBSE Learning App

5. Assess yourself

Practicing will help you master the Topic you need to Learn. Make sure you practice Quizzes, Give Mock Tests, Write Short Answers, Long Answers, and Solve MCQs to get an Idea of the Topic and Important Segments of the Chapter.

You can Practice on a timer too to get an idea of your answering speed. By Assessing Yourself you can assure yourself, how much you will score on the topic in exams beforehand.

In Studynlearn You can not only check for subjects you are weak in but also what topics you need to learn more about. What Type of Questions you need to practice more. You get the overall assessment of your self-study in the Performance Section. Fifth Study hacks conclude that you should evaluate yourself correctly for exceptional performance.

6. Study at your peak productivity time

Why do some students who learn at night score very well? On the contrary, some students who Study in the Early Morning period score well. It is because we all have our favorite times when our brain is most active and we are the most productive people on planet earth! Study at your Fruitful time to be efficient. If you can focus very well after midnight in silence, study at that time. You are Efficient when you are alert, active, and full of energy. So what’s your Productivity Peak Time?

7. Relax and enjoy, take breaks

Taking Breaks at Regular intervals improves your focus. Relax a bit and go for a Small walk. You can listen to music, watch your TV, play games or anything. Do what you like, Pursue your Hobbies in your free time, make yourself calmer through physical activities, and Get a “Me Time” daily to enjoy your favorites.

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