Difference Between Private and Public Health Services – Class 7

Difference Between Private and Public Health Services

Before learning about the difference between private and public health services, let us learn about the healthcare resources in India. For a healthy life and caring during illness, there is the need for appropriate healthcare services like hospitals, health centers, laboratories, ambulances, and blood banks, etc. To maintain these facilities a well-trained staff of doctors, … Read more

Challenges of Entrepreneurship: 9 Ways To Overcome With Confidence

What are some of the major challenges to overcome when starting a new business and how to overcome them with confidence? Building your own business, like everything worthwhile, is not without its challenges. You will confront several difficulties as a first-time entrepreneur. This isn’t meant to be alarming. Once you’ve encountered these issues, you must … Read more

Urban Administration – Municipal Corporation – Class 6 Notes

The municipal commissioner heads the administrative staff of the municipal corporation. He is appointed by the government. He implements all the decisions of the municipal corporation and prepares the annual budget. Committees are set to decide on various issues affecting the life of the citizens. The commissioner and his administrative staff implement these decisions. Let … Read more

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