Best Smart Board Price in India: 55 Inch, 65 Inch, 75 Inch, and 86 Inch Interactive Flat Panel Price

Smart board prices in India can vary widely based on features and brands. These interactive boards have become essential tools in modern classrooms and offices. When looking for a smart board for classroom, consider factors like screen size, touch capabilities, and additional features. 

The price of interactive flat panels varies widely, ranging from affordable options to more expensive models, depending on their advanced features and functions. In this blog, we will explore the best smart board prices in India, helping you make an informed decision that fits your budget and needs.


What is a Smart Board?

A Smart Board combines the functionality of a traditional whiteboard with the capabilities of a computer that enhances and improves teaching and learning. With the various features of smart boards, teachers can display digital content, videos, and lessons in the classroom. Students can touch the smart board to write notes and draw diagrams on it.
Smart boards help students work together, make it easy to share study materials, and allow personalized learning. Smart boards change traditional classrooms into lively digital learning spaces. They make learning more interactive and engaging with visual aids, interactive teaching methods, and digital resources.
Students and teachers touch the board with a special pen called a stylus or even their finger to write, draw, and interact with the content displayed on the screen. A smart board is also known as a digital board, interactive flat panel, and touch board.

Key Features of Smart Board for Classroom

Let's explore the key features of the smart board for teaching:

1. High-Resolution Display

The smart board boasts a high-resolution screen that ensures clear visibility of content from every corner of the classroom. This sharp display enhances visual learning by presenting videos, images, and text with exceptional clarity.

2. Interactive Touch Interface 

Teachers can interact directly with the smart board using touch gestures, similar to using a tablet. This feature allows for easy navigation through lessons, zooming in on details, and quick annotation during presentations.

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3. Durable and Sturdy Construction 

Built to last, the smart board ensures consistent performance over time. This durability makes it a reliable tool for daily classroom use without concerns about wear and tear.

4. Lag-Free and Responsive Writing Experience 

Teachers can write on the board naturally using a stylus or finger, experiencing lag-free and precise writing. This feature mimics the feel of writing on a traditional whiteboard but with enhanced digital capabilities.

5. Interactive Whiteboard Tools 

The smart board includes tools such as 2D/3D shapes, mind mapping, rulers, sticky notes, and tables. These tools facilitate interactive lessons where teachers can create engaging presentations and diagrams.

6. Real-Time Annotation 

Enhancing classroom engagement, teachers can annotate directly on the screen during lessons. This feature allows for dynamic interaction with content, emphasizing key points and explanations.

7. Split-Screen Functionality 

Teachers can use split-screen mode to display multiple content sources simultaneously. This feature supports multitasking during lessons, such as comparing documents or showing a video alongside lecture notes.

8. Screen Sharing Capabilities 

Facilitating collaborative learning, teachers can share the smart board screen with students' devices. This feature encourages participation and allows students to interact directly with displayed content.

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9. Lesson Capture and Sharing 

The smart board includes a screen recording feature, enabling teachers to record lessons with audio and annotations. This recorded content can be easily shared for review or with absent students.

10. Compatibility Presenting PPTs and PDFs 

It seamlessly integrates with common teaching tools like PowerPoint and PDF documents. This compatibility allows teachers to conduct interactive lessons, annotate slides, and highlight important information during presentations.

Benefits of Using Smart Board in Classroom

Smart boards offer many benefits for the classroom. They combine the capabilities of traditional teaching tools with modern technology, making lessons more engaging and effective. Here are some key benefits of using smartboards in the classroom:

1. Crystal-clear 4K Resolution for Exceptional Clarity

The high-resolution display of the smartboard ensures that visuals, text, and multimedia content appear sharp and clear. This clarity enhances and improves student's ability to see details clearly, making lessons more engaging and impactful for them.
Students can easily read text, view images, and watch videos without any blurriness and disturbance, improving comprehension and visual learning. 
Teachers can display educational videos, diagrams, and detailed images with clarity, ensuring that every student can see and understand the content being presented.

2. Smooth Multi-Touch Interaction

The smart board supports multi-touch gestures, allowing multiple students to interact with the board simultaneously. This feature copies the natural touch experience of tablets and smartphones, making learning interactive and collaborative.
It encourages students to take active participation and collaboration during lessons, fostering teamwork and peer learning.
Teachers can conduct interactive activities such as group brainstorming sessions, collaborative problem-solving, and virtual manipulative exercises that require students to touch and manipulate objects on the digital board.

3. Ensures Longevity with Consistent Performance

The smartboard's durable design and quality guarantee long-term durability and consistent performance, even with frequent use in classroom environments.
Offers a reliable teaching tool that can withstand daily use by multiple teachers and students over many years, providing a stable platform for educational activities.
Teachers can incorporate the smartboard into their teaching strategies confidently, knowing that it will maintain its performance quality over time, supporting continuous use in classroom instruction.

4. Experience Lag-Free, Natural Writing with Precision