Brain Rules: Every Parent Must Know To Raise a Smart Child

Who doesn’t want a kid with a sharp mind? But do you know these 7 brain rules that govern the performance of the brain? The brain is one of the most important parts of our body, it is the one thing that has helped humankind to do wonders.

We can achieve so many things with a healthy and powerful brain. To make your child a genius, you must first nurture your child’s brain with the right techniques. Read on to know how you can boost your child’s brainpower.

1. Every Brain is Wired Differently

One of the 6 brain rules says that all children have unique abilities and brain capacities. Every brain works differently. Every child has a unique way of learning, saving information, and forming memories. Every child perceives and thinks differently.

You might be wondering- “Okay If every brain works and learns differently then what is the best way to improve my child’s brainpower?” You can enhance your child’s brain functioning by encouraging your child to play brain games. Doodling, learning a new skill such as music or dance, practicing mathematics in mind, playing a new game will boost your child’s thinking skills.

Exercise daily to strengthen the brain. What you do with the body has a direct impact on the brain too. Play games that involve your child’s brain, for instance, you can play chess, or make your child learn a new language, you can play board games with your child as well.

Bring home a very fun and engaging Board game, Scholarbox that will not only be exciting for your child but will also cover the entire syllabus of your child’s current grade. Get it now.

2. We do not pay attention to boring things.

We simply do not. Our brains pay attention to things that are challenging, interesting, and new, and exciting. It just ignores things that are boring like simple texts.

However, If you want your child to learn something, you can make him/her watch interesting video lectures and moving pictures full of colors and animations that will engage your child’s brain and make him/her learn effortlessly.

Never let your child multitask! Multitasking increases the chances of making mistakes by a whopping 50%! Our brain is not made for multitasking! We can never possibly multitask, we just switch our focus from one task to the other. If you want your child to learn, teach him/her to focus on the task at hand. Read on to know 4 more brain rules.

3. To Develop a Stronger Memory, Repeat to Retain

Revision and Repetition will help your child learn. Reinforce the same information over and over again in different ways so it gets engraved into your child’s mind for a longer period. Along with reading, ask your child to speak the information aloud as listening is a great way to improve memory as well.

You can use techniques like visualization in which you can try visualizing the information in your mind. To remember information that is in a particular order, mnemonics and acronyms are a good way to memorize the information faster. Sometimes the place your child is studying can be boring too so try different locations. Associate the words with images, gifs, or something funny so your child can always remember it.

4. Sleep well to think well.

Sleeping aids in better learning and boosts thinking skills! How? While we are in sleep mode, our brain is functioning and filtering information that needs to be kept in the brain. It is involved in forming memories in our minds by replaying the events that happened while we were awake. Lack of sleep can drastically affect our mood, memory, logical reasoning skills, problem-solving skills, make us aggressive and irritated.

Sleeping isn’t time waste. It is an investment that gives huge returns in form of retained concepts, strong memory, and a focused mind.

To recall the information in the exams, a proper amount of sleep is crucial! About 8-12 hours of waking, a power nap is all a mind needs to perform up to its maximum potential. Napping has great benefits as it can make you more focused and alert, more productive, and more efficient.

20 minutes of sleep or a power nap in the afternoon will destress your body and mind. Power naps will boost your child’s curiosity, concentration, and performance.

5. Stressed Brain decreases the brain performance

Who knows it better than the all-nighters (students who study all night) that a stressed mind can recall nothing! Stress can damage your child’s memory power, attention, and thinking ability. It lowers the performance of the child. So make sure your child’s brain is supercharged. Fill your child with all the daily nutrition he/she needs to stay active during the day.

6. Stimulate more of the senses, Vision trump all senses

A child can memorize more with a picture or a video than a simple text. Multisensory learning will help the child retain more. Remembering pictures and videos is incredibly easy for our brain as visual sense is supreme of all senses. Did you know these brain rules earlier?

The fundamental rule of learning is to get involved and engaged in it. In short, we need to be active learners to learn anything. Better learning can be accomplished by simply observing things around you with curiosity, testing, and experimenting with them.

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