Qualities of a Good Manager: 15 Key Skills of Successful Managers

Qualities for a Good Manager The characteristics of a great manager have changed over the last decade.¬†Management skills are used to require technical and managerial skills.¬†Today, however, companies are putting more emphasis on interpersonal skills such as listening, flexibility and inviting open communication. These soft skills are essential for higher-level manager performance. They include trust-building, … Read more

What is Panchayat Samiti: Block Samiti – Composition, Function – Class 6

The Panchayat Samiti, also called the Block Samiti, is a council formed to represent a block of approximately ten villages. Composition of Panchayat Samiti or Block Samiti Panchayat Samiti or Block Samiti is actually an indirectly elected body. The Pradhans and Panchas of the Village Panchayats in a block choose their representatives to the Block … Read more

Civil Rights Movement in USA: Democracy and Diversity – Class 10

Civil Rights Movement in USA Similar restrictions were being placed on the Blacks even after the Second World War though they had rendered a great service to the U.S.A. in various fields of war. A powerful civil rights movement was started in the 1950s and it achieved great success. It is sometimes called the Black … Read more

National Parties in India: 6 Major National Parties, Symbols & Importance

NATIONAL PARTIES All the political parties have to register themselves with the Election Commission of India. Some special facilities are given to the large and established parties. They have a unique symbol that is recognized by the election commission. They can use the unique symbol as a sign of their political party. Parties that have … Read more

First Past the Post System Of Elections: Electoral Politics – Class 9

Elections in India are held under this system. The whole country is divided into constituencies. Voters select a single candidate by marking against the candidate of their choice or through an electronic voting machine. The candidate who secures the highest number of votes is declared elected. (he may have secured even less than half of … Read more

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