Formation of Linguistic States in India After Independence

Formation of Linguistic States After the partition of the country, 552 odd states and the following 9 provinces, some complete some partial remained with India: 1. East Punjab2. United Province3. Central Province4. West Bengal5. Bihar6. Orissa7. Assam (minus the district of Sylchar)8. Bombay9. Madras But such a division was not based on linguistic homogeneity, geographical … Read more

Language Policy in India: Federalism – Class 10 – Civics

Language Policy in India India has followed a liberal language policy proved quite successful in practice in India. India is the most diverse country in the world in respect of language. Although Hindi is one of the scheduled languages, India is believed to have 1500 mother tongues, of which 33 are spoken by numbering over … Read more

Unitary vs Federal Government: Federalism Class 10 Notes – Civics

Unitary vs Federal Government How far the Federal Government is better than the Unitary Government? According to many scholars of politics, present times, the federal governments certainly score over the unitary types of governments, when people of different religions, castes, and cultures reside in one and the same country. In the last modules, we have … Read more

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