Did You Know These 36 Interesting Facts About Chemistry?

As we all know that the round-shaped Carbon cluster that is chemically known as C60 is the most beautiful element in nature. If you ever see its symmetry, you will then understand why it is called so. The following 60 incredible chemistry facts are listed, so let have fun with chemistry facts.

1. Rainwater holds Vit-B12

This is the basic chemistry fact you should know to increase your general awareness that Vit-B12 is present in rainwater as it is fallen through the air and the microorganisms present in the air caught up, and generate this vitamin by their metabolic process.

2. It smells after lightning, doesn’t it?

It is because lightning strikes produce O3, and a sharp smell can be felt just after lightning.

3. The volume of water increases after it freezes.

The chemistry facts behind this are the strange shape of the water molecule, although it vibrates a little, but after the ice formation, it requires more volume.

4. Fun and interesting facts of the chemistry of glasses are that it is actually liquid, but it is not observed in open eyes, as the molecules in it flow very slowly. Thus, this is considered an amorphous solid.

5. Helium is actually a superfluid.

At 2.17K temperature is the Lambda Point for this element, as it is the stage of zero viscosity and can flow quickly through any hole in the machinery.

6. Diamonds are entirely made up of Carbon or nothing else, as it is the allotrope of carbon molecules. It is the interesting chemistry facts for students

7. Handful of salt into the glass may level down the water.

As per Achimedes’ law, if you add volume in water, the water may overflow, but in the case of adding NaCl in water, the volume of water reduces by 2%. Isn’t it the fun chemistry facts?

8. DNA present in our body is a flame retardant.

Due to its structure when it is heated up the phosphate restraining backbones generates phosphoric acid that chemically replaces water and produces a flame.

9. 1 inch rain=10 inch Snow. If the temperature is around 30° F, then 1-inch precipitation is similar to 10-inch snowfalls, interesting facts chemistry.

10. Rubber is a polymerized molecule because the vulcanized tire is made up of large chains of polymers that are connected with the covalent bonds.

11. Airbags in cars are manufactured with Sodium Azide that is a very poisonous chemical.

12. Astatine is the rarest metal present in the Earth Crust.

It is mostly found in unstable form and the stable form of this metal has a half-life span of 8.1 hours.

13. Although the temperature is the same, the water feels colder than air, as water is the better conductor of heat and acts as a thermal insulator.

14. Alkali is used in making soaps, as it reacts with the fat in our hands in a saponification process.

15. Did you know that bee sting is acidic while the wasp is alkali; it represents the dichotomy of acids and bases,

16. Our stomach is full of acid, however, the fun chemistry fact of this acid is that this is as strong as to melt metal.

17. Atoms and chess are really mind-blowing, as atoms make possible moves like the game of chess that is 10¹²⁰.

18. Pencils and our bodies both are made up of carbon and it is the most plentiful molecule present on the earth.

19. The basic chemistry facts you should know that Lipsticks consist of fish scales.

20. The fun chemistry fact is that if your pet dog eats chocolate, it will die because chocolate has theobromine that will directly affect your pet dog’s nervous system and heart.

21. Did you know facts about the chemistry of Indian Gooseberry?

It contains Ascorbic acid that is useful to prevent scurvy.

22. If you see BloodPlasma, and water droplets on a super-homophobic titanium surface, you will see these three as colorful maruli.

23. An Interesting fact about honey is that you could eat approximately 3000 years old honey, as it is never spoiled due to its lower water contents.

24. Did you know that spider webs are actually protein fiber? It represents amazing facts about the chemical reactions of two major silk proteins, glycine, and alanine.

25. Apple seeds are extremely poisonous.

It contains amygdalin, which is turned into cyanide if chewed.

26. Graphene, the miracle material is considered as a better heat and electricity conductor, as it is an allotrope of carbon

27. The first element of the periodic table, Hydrogen is highly flammable in the air.

28. The heaviest element is Uuo (Ununoctium) that is found so far. Did you know facts about chemistry? It is a transactinide chemical constituent with the atomic number 118.

29. The metal, namely Gallium can melt in your palm, as it has a melting point of 29.76°C.

30. Air turns into a liquid at a temperature of -190 °C.

31. The hardness of talc is 1 as per the hardness range on the Mohs scale. That is the reason for its extreme softness.

32. The chalk, which is used to write on a blackboard is made up of microscopic skeletons of plankton fossils, and the chemical composition of chalk is CaCO3.

33. Chocolates that we eat contain Phenylethylamine.

A similar chemical discharges from the human brain when we fall in love.

34. Isn’t it a fun chemistry fact that metal can also be the lightest material in the world? Yes, and the metal is Graphene Aerogel that is 7 times lighter than air.

35. We all know that Oxygen is colorless, but it is light blue in its liquid stage, while it is darker blue in its solid stage.

36. The most expensive material in the world is Antimatter, which costs 25$ for 1 gram only. Just 1gm is enough to destroy the whole of New York City.

Thus, chemistry is inherent with archetypal aesthetic character, which reveals fun in this subject.

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