How To Increase Your Productivity While Working From Home?

With the world slowly adopting a digital trend and every major corporation has been switching to working from home, creating a perfect work environment can be a challenge, especially for those living with families. Though people are able to spend more and more time with their families, their work is also sometimes hampered. For those stuck at home, we have come up with a definitive list that will help you to enhance your productivity while working from home.

Follow these steps carefully and watch your productivity shoot up.

1. Go to bed early and wake up early: It is never a good idea to wake up just before your login time. This will cause you to feel sleepy during the morning hours, hampering your productivity for the entire day. Try to wake up at least a couple of hours before you have to log in. This ensures that you have time to devote time to healthier morning habits like workouts and healthy breakfasts. This will keep your mind rejuvenated, and your productivity will go through the roof.

2. Finish morning chores before you start working: Try to complete some daily chores before you start working. Drop your kids to school, visit the morning market or simply go for a walk. This will energize you for the entire day to come.

3. Get ready: Simply waking up and sitting in front of your computer in your pajamas is not a good idea for productivity. Follow a similar routine as you would have while attending the office. Get up early and get ready for work with proper attire. This helps to inculcate a work mentality. A great example of this can be seen with Linus Torvalds, the founder of Linux. Though working from his own office, he always opts to work in appropriate attire to keep his productivity up throughout the day. Next time you sit to work, try out an appropriate formal attire to suit your work.

4. Have a distraction-free room: Most make the mistake of choosing their bedroom or living room to work. This can prove disastrous for your concentration and productivity. A good idea is to choose a secluded room to choose as your workspace. This allows you to stay away from distractions while you are working on your important delivery. Also, ensure that your friends or family do not disturb you during your active work hours.

5. Keep your phone away: Smartphones can be a huge distraction while working. Its constant pings encourage us to check for any notification; important or not. Try putting your phone in the do not disturb mode while you are working and keep it away from your work desk. This helps you to curb the constant need for checking your phone for updates. All major messaging and work apps have desktop versions so there is no need to keep your phone with you at all times.

6. Keep your desk organized: Organisation is key to increasing your productivity. If your desk is in a mess, it is quite common to lose interest in your work. Aim to keep your desk clean and only have things that are absolutely necessary and remove any possible distractions from your desk. This includes your phone as well.

7. Reward yourself: You have been working so hard even during the pandemic. You absolutely need a reward for all your efforts. Opt for a bigger monitor or a better keyboard to make your work experience much more exciting and appealing. This will definitely help you to enhance your productivity and keep you motivated.

8. Play some instrumental music in the background: It has been seen that many workers prefer to listen to music while they work. While it is not necessarily a bad thing, it can be distracting for some. Play a piece of soothing music without any lyrics to help cut out any unnecessary noise so that you can focus more on your work. Platforms like YouTube and Spotify feature several playlists suited for this purpose only. Choose your favorite genre to play while you work.

9. Schedule the day ahead: Always make some time to schedule your entire day ahead before you start working. This will give you a bird’ eye view of the entire day to come so that you know what to do at each specific moment of the day. Remember to set some time aside for leisure and family as well. Having a proper schedule means you do not have to rush deadlines or work after hours to complete your tasks since you would have dedicated time slots for each task meticulously.

10. Utilize a to-do application: Ticking off things from a list can be quite satisfying. Apart from that it also helps you remember important tasks to do or meeting you need to attend. Use a to-do list to stay on top of everything you need to do. There are several applications like Todoist, Microsoft To-Do, etc that can help you make a visually aesthetic to-do application that you can fill up with tasks and keep ticking them off as you go along. If you are not much fond of technology, you can use the traditional method of using a pen and paper to make your daily to-do lists.

11. Take advantage of your calendar: Most organizations use enterprise tools like Gsuite or Microsoft 365 for their regular operations. These solutions come with a great calendar feature that you can use to schedule your entire day. Fix up meetings or schedule appointments with ease using these calendars. Plus, these colanders are made with team collaboration in mind therefore, you can easily use these calendars and determine if your teammate is free or not for a quick meet. Sync your calendars across all your devices so that you do not miss out on any events.

12. Remember to have fun: All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. This is an apt quote applicable to those working from home. In the pursuit of productivity, do not miss out on taking breaks. This will allow you to maintain a proper work-life balance. Remember to take breaks in between to reorganize your thoughts and return to work with a fresh mind.

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