Parenting Tips: How To Deal With A Child? Get Your Kids To Listen To You

So, how to deal with a child not interested in studies? Well, you are not the first parent to go through the trouble. Parenting can be quite hard without any parenting tips, especially if it is your first time being a parent. Inoculating values and proper education is your child is essential in the proper upbringing. While most of the parents have something to complain about their child, most of these problems can be easily resorted by keeping a calm and logical mind.

Bringing up a child is no easy feat and requires dedication and hard work for the parents, which can sometimes lead to moments of frustration for the parents as well. Well, it is a part of the process. For example, your child might be watching too much television and you want to get your child to study.

To curb this habit parents often resort to explaining why consuming too much television is not good. But even after countless reasoning with your child, they ultimately go back in front of the television. Some parents resort to punishing their children. Punishments can be both emotional as well as physical. But punishments can take a darker toll on your child in the long run.

Physical punishments can make the child grow up to be stubborn and emotional punishments may push your child towards introversion while growing up hampering their social abilities. According to parenting tips by experts, punishing your child is never the solution and is often discouraged by many experts. So, what is the solution then? The solution is to change their outlook rather than change their behavior.

Let us understand this with the help of an example.

A smoker or an alcoholic both understand the demerits of their habits; however, it is their outlook towards life that makes them cling towards such addictions. Their outlook towards life is simple, “you only live once, why not do it all? After all, we all have to die someday.”

People with such a radical outlook tend to be stubborn over their logic and discard all arguments. Therefore, in these cases, it is essential to change the outlook rather than the behavior, since our outlook towards life determines how we behave. Similarly, instead of trying to change the behavior of your child, you should be more focused on developing a keen outlook in life.

So what are the parenting tips that will help you to form outlooks and beliefs within your child?

Read a story to understand why listening to your child is important!

A child comes home late from school one day. Worried, the mother asked him why he was so late to reach home. The child chose to tell the truth and told her that one of his friends got into a fight and he was there backing him up which made him late. Hearing this, the mother gets upset and scolds the child, and tells him not to meddle in another people’s business.

She might even go as far as to punish him. This behavior from the parent will reinforce the belief that speaking the truth will be punishing and therefore, will defer from telling the truth in the future.

Looking at the above example, we understand how being critical towards the action of your child might divulge his beliefs. It is the emotion that connects us and it is the emotion that helps us to reinforce our beliefs. Therefore, scolding or punishing your child when telling the truth might make him believe that truth is always rewarded with punishments. So, what are you to do in such cases?

One of the major parenting tips to follow is acknowledging your appreciation for your child’s truthfulness. Try to make him understand that supporting a friend is one thing and being a part of a squabble is a different scenario and make him understand the difference between the two. Parents should also talk to the teachers to ensure the mitigation of similar problems with more passive means. 

Try to understand the beauty and brilliance of this parenting tip. This ensures that your child understands the value of truth and will, therefore, tend to rely more on the truth growing up reinforcing positive behavior in his personality.

Connecting the emotion with an incident will allow you to better connect with your child and associating proper emotional response to specific situations will help you to better the behavior of your child makes for the best parenting tip you can take from this piece. 

Why my child does not want to study?

Children often have brewed tons of misconceptions towards academics. These include:

  • This chapter of maths is too hard.
  • English is not a scoring subject.
  • History is all about memorizing dates and events.
  • Studying is boring.

Owing to such beliefs, a child is even less motivated to study and tries to avoid it. So, it becomes necessary to change such beliefs by connecting with them emotionally.

Tell me one thing, if a child is given the option of having a pizza or vegetable curry and rice for dinner, what will they choose? They will go for the pizza. You can compare the veg curry and rice to studying and pizza to binge-watching their favorite cartoon on the television.

So, how about we switch these positions and make studying relatable to “pizza”? Get your child to study withStudynLearn. The team of experts at StudynLearn ensures to design classes and assignments just like their favorite tv shows or their favorite video game. By making classes more interactive and playful, learning becomes fun for your child.

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