Studynlearn Learning App: 15 Exciting Learning Features | K-12 Students

Gone are the days where the students have an only option to study or seek information on any subject and that is School. We are not saying the school time is over, but today the advanced concept is evolving with every day passing. There are innumerable e-learning mobile applications in the market to help you to study in a better and perfect way. Studynlearn Learning App is a cornerstone of student success. Do you want to know why you should adapt the Studynlearn first in lieu of any other mobile app? Below points will help you, so make sure not to skip the content in the middle.

Learn the amazing benefits your child will get using ‘Studynlearn Learning App’ which is built with Interactive quizes, games and videos to engage your child in studies. Know how Studynlearn Learning App can transform your child’s learning time into an interesting, interactive, and fun time!

1. Use the 3D/4D Animated video module

You will not see this concept in every e-learning mobile application. And if you know about it then you landed in the right place. The studynlearn application is offering this vigorous feature for every student and for every subject. This concept of 3D/4D Animated video will encourage you to study in-depth and will create more interest in you.

2. Adapt the Ask a doubt function

Not everyone is a genius here. Many of you have bundles of questions to ask. You can endeavor for this exceptional feature called Ask a doubt which helps you to know the right answer to solve your doubt. This is one of the benefits of studynlearn learning app. Don’t miss this one!

3. How about getting a Bilingual function?

There are many of you who are keen to learn a new language for their future, but unfortunately can’t get the best opportunity. Our studynlearn is stellar for this task. How? It shares the feature for improving your natural daily experience of learning a new language. It is one of the importance of educational apps to share this feature.

4. Take a part in quizzes here

Let’s make your study more interesting as we are offering the feature of Quizzes with a Time limit and review option. Is it helpful? The studious children will surely use this feature to know where they are standing and what they know in every subject. Not to miss this huge opportunity! One of the best advantages of studynlearn learning app.

5. Report tracking of everything is beneficial

You are learning here the advantages of studynlearn learning app, so we are going to add one more awesome. Whatever you use, you can track your report also. It is the best way to know what activity you did if you want to check the activity yesterday.

6. Samples Papers are there for your assistance

We recommend every child to go for Sample paper functionality when using our superfine studynlearn application. The best way to know what you learned and where your weaknesses are. You will get the sample paper of every subject and make sure to attempt all the questions here.

7. AIR Rank Feature for judging your exams

The advantages of e-learning apps are many, so thanks to studynlearn for introducing the function of AI ranking in exams. We can say that it is a creative way to know how much you score in a professional way. Hope everyone here gets the best AIR ranking that they dreamed of in their childhood times.

8. Have you seen the Interactive game feature?

Might be a daunting task for you to find out the Interactive games regarding exams in e-learning mobile application. But not in using a studynlearn mobile app. We are offering this feature to fresh your hard work regarding exam purposes. A professional way to study and complete your goals of the subject from here first. Totally worth it!

9. Get the Previous year question paper as well

We can say that your child needs a Studynlearn app first for their learning because of its ultimate functions. One of the accurate one if getting the previous year question paper to streamline your study goal. Get aware of what you know about the last year and solve it to know what you are in best.

10. Get the NCERT Books from here

Here if you want the NCERT books then get this application called studynlearn which shares it of ever subject. The NCERT books are the right guidance with every clear concept so if you don’t have any and are looking for it then get it from us soon.

11. A special feature to learnSpellings

Not hide from us as if you are a dyslexia student then get this application. Why? We have a special advantageous feature for those who always make spelling mistakes while writing something. It’s time to improve yourself by putting hands on studynlearn application.

12. There is a General Knowledge section for everyone

If your General knowledge is absolutely amazing then who is stopping you to go for this feature in Studynlearn application? Try this advanced feature to know where you can score good marks and where you have to show some extra attention.

13. The formulas of Maths at your fingertips

Already told you above that not everyone is an expert, so if you are not at all good in memorizing the formulas of mathematics then you are the right palace. The Studynleanr application offers the function of Formulae Master one of the top-grade benefits of studynlearn learning app. Get used to it to get an incomparable experience.

14. Everyone is a Scholar here or not?

Next and one of the splendid features of studynlearn app is a separate Scholar zone for the brilliant students. There are many here who want to solve the questions of IIT, so don’t waste your quality of time and get used to this feature today.

15. Revisions Lessons with dominant tools is the right choice

Students daily want to revise whatever they study during their exams time. As we already told you that Studynlearn is loaded with an abundance of features and one of the advantages of the Studynlearn learning app is getting interactive tools for revision. A core concept to boost up your learning and you will surely get an impeccable experience while going for this function.

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