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In India, schools were based solely on conventional learning techniques, that is, they used to follow the traditional classroom setup of direct lectures.


Despite the fact that many educational units have begun to use blended learning, many were using outdated practices. The rapid emergence of Covid-19, a devastating disease triggered by the Corona Virus startled the whole globe. This event posed a threat to the global education system, forcing instructors to switch to an online form of teaching immediately. But even after switching to online mode, schools are facing various issues in delivering quality education.


This article discusses how schools can embrace this new digital trend during the outbreak and future disasters, as well as recommendations for schools on how to deal with the challenges of online learning with the help of Study�n�Learn's white-label app. Let us discuss the problem first.


Challenges faced by schools during the pandemic.


With students stuck at home and many schools delivering virtual classes, most schools are not able to maintain a cohesive structure of education delivery and students are falling behind on the curriculum. Some of the most pressing challenges faced by schools include:


Increased Drop Outs: No. of students have reduced in almost all good schools.


No Profit: Nowadays, Edtech is growing at a very fast pace but schools are not a stakeholder in this growth. SmartSchool has very beautifully connected these two things and solved the problems of all the stakeholders through our Whitelabel App Solution.


Low or irregular attendance: One of the most difficult problems faced by schools during this pandemic is maintaining proper class strength during virtual classes. From Zoom to Whatsapp, different teachers are using different platforms which confused the students, and they can easily lose track. Also, improper attendance keeping also hampers the progress tracking of the student.


Skeptical with sanitation: As schools in different parts of the nation are looking to call their students back to class, most parents are skeptical about the hygiene conditions in schools. Though, it is true that the threat has not been eliminated, and only with effective learning can students be able to attend their classes.


Delayed Fees: With regular classes suspended, most of the schools have not received full fees. Fee collection from whatever students left in schools is not good and not timely. This makes it quite difficult for schools to operate and pay for their staff. Therefore, a unified approach should be found to tackle all these problems.


The Problem With Edtech:


  1. Parents are required to spend 30-40 thousand in purchasing any Edtech solution.
  2. No teacher is monitoring what the child is studying from the Edtech solution.
  3. Without a strong monitoring mechanism, children tend to leave it in between which dissolves the purpose (promoting the habit of self-study through the power of visualization, thereby reducing the dependence on tuitions) of Edtech, and hence at times, it is not successful.


Now that we have understood the challenges and problems. Let us take a look at how this wonderful white label app by Study�n�Learn can help your school adopt the digital revolution.


Studynlearn White label App Solution �


SmartSchool Education will provide its Edtech App, StudynLearn by Whitelabelling it under the brand name of your school. The Edtech App of SmartSchool � �StudynLearn� will be customized according to your school name and it will be uploaded on Playstore by the brand name of your school. Inside the Application, your school logo will be placed everywhere and the student will download your App through Playstore by searching the name of your school. Easily use Study'n'Learn�s state-of-the-art learning app under your school�s branding.


Benefits of Studynlearn White Label App Solution


1. Custom curriculum: Schools would be able to follow their current curriculum on our app. Students will have a unified digital platform, where they can feel right at school, among friends.


2. Differentiating Factor: Whitelabel App will improve your school�s brand name and this will be a differentiating factor for the school. The branding of the school will reach the next level. You can highlight this differentiating factor in your prospectus which will increase admissions.


3. Multiple Features: We are the only content provider which will map the books being used in your school through our proprietary �Choose a book� feature. Now the content will be mapped exactly as per what teachers would be teaching in the classrooms.


4. Content Monitoring: Through our teaching platform � we provide beautiful �Content Usage� and �Weak Area Identification� features. Complete usage report of students is visible to teachers, admin, and principal.


5. Boost Memorization: This App will boost memorizing power of students hence, the scores will improve. Improvement in scores will increase the brand value of the school resulting in less attrition.


6. Profitable Opportunity for Schools: This is a very profitable option for schools as well as parents. We will provide this App to the school at a very subsidized rate so even if they add their own mark-up and then give it to parents, even then the cost of the App will be a very good offer for the parents as compared to other Edtech Apps.


7. Bundled Solution: Whitelabel App is a bundled solution, hence schools now don�t have to bear any additional cost for the smart class content and for the teaching platform.


8. Powerful Teaching Platform: The teaching platform provides a fee tracking, collection, and monitoring dashboard, and a payment gateway for online payments is also integrated into this. Hence, better fee collection can take place.


9. Custom content: Schools would easily be able to work their present curriculum and delivery structure with our flexible app. From live lectures to animated infographics or documentaries, incorporate the next generation of education delivery with Study�n�Learn.


10. Powerful visuals: Study�n�Learn�s learning app provides a plethora of learning modules in the form of lectures and animated content. With Study�n�Learn, your school, too, would be able to harness the true power of visual learning that the students can take advantage of.


11. Powerful learning platform: Schools can now avail this effective learning platform with Study�n�Learn. Teachers can conduct regular classes and give out live instructions for the students without having to commute to the classroom which saves a lot of effort and time for both the student and the teacher, enabling effective education delivery.


12. Better evaluation: With the help of advanced digital performance metrics on Study�n�Learn�s learning app, teachers can better evaluate the performances of the students allowing them to better monitor their progress. Students and their parents can also check on their weak spots and work effectively to improve them.


13. Easy downloads: Schools can use the app with their own custom branding and students would be able to find the app by searching the name of the school. This makes it quite easy for both the students and the students to get started.


14. Unified platform:  From effective progress tracing to fees collection and much more, our app will make the learning experience much more fun for the students and also provide a unified platform to track everything. This helps to track grades, improvements, and other aspects quite easily and quantifiable. Our app will hand a virtual version of your school to the students. So they can learn only from the best teachers like they could have if they were in class.


15. Better approach: Going digital with Study�n�Learn�s learning app allows schools a number of other perks that other solutions miss out on. Schools can leverage the app and ensure timely submission of fees without any hassle. Introducing the online module will also help to reduce the student�s reliance on external coaching and boost their learning.


So, what are you waiting for? Step into the digital future for the students and the teachers. Usher in the new age of learning with Study�n�Learn�s learning app.

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