Why Is Your Child Failing At School? 6 Ways To Help Your Child Succeed!

There can be many possible reasons for failing school but it is never about the intelligence of your child. We say every child is a genius, but there is a need to bring that genius out! Now the question arises how? To answer it we first need to know what are challenges your child is facing during learning. Is it his/her homework, assignments, project, difficulty in learning concepts? What is it?

We have shared 6 reasons why is your child failing at school:

1. Boring Study Material –

Bad and boring study materials are not worth reading. Your child might get bored of simple texts. Provide them with something that’s interesting, for example, video lessons, quizzes, and interactive apps will give an exciting touch to your child’s learning. You need to spice up your child’s study material with engaging resources so your child can learn while having fun. Although studying isn’t fun it doesn’t mean we need to resist ourselves from exploring a variety of learning materials. You can opt for our CBSE learning app, Studynlearn as well. Studynlearn contains 2D-3D animations, engaging video lessons, real-life examples, videos of lab experiments, lakhs of quizzes to practice, interactive apps to improve your child’s concepts and boost their learning.

2. Your Child is having doubts and questions –

Talk to your child’s teacher regarding your child’s behavior and interaction in class. Does he/she ask questions? If he/she is not asking questions then that means your child is either scared, unconfident to ask or not paying attention to class learning at all. Encourage your child to pay attention in class, ask questions and clear their doubts with teachers. Teach your child to not be afraid of asking questions because they are the ones who will be learning new concepts and improving their grades.

3. Your child is having concentration issues 

It might be possible that there are distractions present around your child. Distractions can be in the form of bad company, gadgets, and games. Eliminate distractions around your child so he/she can focus on studies properly. Provide a silent space to study with all the learning material your child needs so he/she doesn’t need to get up, go out to grab those things, and get distracted.

4. Your Child Lacks Motivation –

Does your child seem lazy when it comes to studying? Does he/she procrastinate on homework and assignments? If yes then this shows your child lacks motivation and isn’t inspired enough to learn new concepts. The lack of motivation might be because your child isn’t interested in studying or can’t figure out how to do the work. In this case, talk to your child, ask about the challenges he/she is facing during studying. Break big homework and assignments into pieces so your child doesn’t feel overwhelmed and can easily do the task in less time. Reward your child for completing a task that will further motivate your child to do better.

5. Your Child has a Different Learning Style –

Every child has a different pace and style of learning. Do you know if your child learns better with visuals rather than texts? Help your child by providing him/her with the right kind of resources that match his/her learning style.

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6. Your Child lacks Confidence –

Stop labeling your child as lazy, dumb, and stupid. Stop comparing them with their siblings and cousins. Every child is unique. Labeling will make your child believe what you are saying. You should encourage your child to make friends rather than isolating themselves. Motivate your child to participate in events in schools like- debates, speeches, competitions, and games. The more your child will be around other children, the more he/she will learn to talk and be themselves. Involve your child in new and exciting activities so they can explore themselves. Ask them to follow their passion and hobbies, this will allow your child to destress.

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