5 Secrets That No Interactive Flat Panel Seller Will Tell You!

If you're considering purchasing interactive flat panels (IFPs) for your school, this blog is for you. We'll share five secrets that no interactive flat panel seller will tell you, plus a bonus secret at the end. Make sure to read till the end!

Check These 5 Features Before Buying An Interactive Flat Panel!

When buying an interactive flat panel, you usually check for things like lag, smooth operation, and suitability for presentations. However, there are a few more important aspects you should consider.

1. Brightness Of The Interactive Panel 

The brightness of a panel is measured in nits. The higher the brightness, the clearer the images and videos will appear in your classroom. Some sellers may claim their panels have 450 nits of brightness but actually provide panels with only 350 nits. The difference is hard to notice unless you've used a 450 nits panel before. At Studynlearn, our interactive flat panels offer a true 450 nits brightness.

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2. Display Glass Of The Interactive Flat Panel Display

Typically, the panels sold by most sellers come with 3 mm thick toughened glass. The thickness of the toughened glass directly impacts the strength and longevity of the panel. At Studynlearn, our panels come with 4 mm thick toughened glass, providing extra protection and durability.

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3. Display Quality Of The Smart Board 

Interactive flat panels come in various display grades: A+, A, A-, and B. Most sellers offer panels with A or A- grade displays. However, A+ grade displays are the highest quality, and few sellers provide them. Studynlearn offers interactive flat panels with A+ grade displays, ensuring superior display quality.

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4. Storage And Memory Options In The Interactive Panel

When choosing between panels with 4GB RAM and 32GB storage or 8GB RAM and 128GB storage, opt for the 8GB RAM option. The RAM in interactive flat panels is not upgradable, meaning the panel you buy now will be the one you use for the next 5-6 years. Therefore, it's wise to invest with future needs in mind, considering that you may require more space and memory down the line.

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5. Service And Support Of The Interactive Flat Panel Provider

Selecting a high-quality panel is important, but so is the service and customer support from the seller. Often, issues arise after purchase, and if the seller is unresponsive, it can be frustrating. Choose a brand that provides reliable customer support. Studynlearn has over 25 offices across India, and our support executives can provide on-site assistance. Additionally, our panels come with a 3-year onsite warranty.

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Bonus Secret: Digital Content 

If you're investing in an interactive flat panel for classroom use, choose one that includes high-quality digital content. Without integrated content, you might end up paying extra to a third party, and there's no guarantee that the content will be compatible with your panel.

Studynlearn interactive flat panels come with complete digital content integrated, from nursery to class 12th. This includes 2D and 3D animated videos for teaching complex concepts in subjects like science and math, quizzes, games, geography maps, history timelines, a formula master for math, labeled science diagrams, live videos, and science experiments. These resources can save you a lot of preparation time.

Studynlearn manufactures its interactive flat panels for education, offering a pricing advantage over other brands. We provide panels ranging from 55” to 86” inches. With over 12 years in the edtech industry, our reach and brand presence are strong. Our products are used in over 1 million classrooms and more than 6,000 schools are associated with us.

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