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In this globalized world, speaking English fluently is a necessity. English speaking ability is a crucial skill that a child needs to learn to never miss out on even a single opportunity of success in life. To accelerate English learning, you need to practice conversations and speak in English most often. One of the most common myths that we need to burst in the start is that cramming grammar will help us speak fluently, which is wrong. Infant talking in the language you want to learn will surely improve English faster.

In this blog, we will share information on how to improve English and learn English faster. Do you realize how you learned your mother language? Did anyone teach you? No. Mother’s tongue came naturally! We observed our mother while we were 3-5 years old, we listened to everyone around us speaking in the mother tongue and learned it! We didn’t learn any grammar, we started speaking in our mother language fluently with just pure listening.

1. Listen to Speak!

Have you heard about audiobooks? You can listen to them when you are not in the mood to read texts, they will improve your pronunciation and listening skills which will further boost your communications skills. You can also listen to news bulletins in English. The more you will listen, the more you will learn to speak.

2. Just Read!

Reading will improve and build your vocabulary. But is it necessary to read traditional textbooks to learn English? No. You can buy books that interest you. You must be having some topic which you are crazy about like short and awesome stories? Wouldn’t you love to read it? Of course! So get those books as fast as you can and start reading today.

3. Watch your favorite series, cartoons, movies, and shows in English!

Aren’t these strategies fun? You can learn to speak fluent English by watching your favorite shows in English!

4. Try to Speak in English!

Despite knowing the language you may not want to speak in English, thinking other people or other students may laugh at you but you can speak English at home and with your friends to get into the habit of speaking English. As a learner, you should also support other students and encourage your friends to speak in English so you learn it faster.

5. Root Words will boost vocabulary!

Learn root words so you can easily guess the meaning of words seeing the root words themselves.

Look at the root words below:

Auto – Self

Micro- Small

Multi – Many

Whenever you will see these words you can easily interpret or guess the meaning.

6. Start Diary Writing or Journaling!

You can start diary writing! In your diary, you can write what made your day good or bad, what new did you learn today, and literally anything. Journaling will help you think in English. You can jot down new words and phrases you learned. Diary writing will also allow you to organize your thoughts and record your daily ideas.

7. Sign in English!

Do you love songs? For sure! Who doesn’t love music? You can also learn English by listening to songs, guess what you can easily practice English by singing English songs, eventually, you will learn the pronunciation, accent, and expressions by listening only.

8. Dive into English!

Surround yourself with English! Be it a chat with a friend online or a personal conversation, a group discussion, or debate. Participate in seminars, speeches, interactions, and essay competitions. Do not miss any opportunity to learn and showcase your English speaking skills.

9. Record yourself while practicing and reading English!

You may never realize that you have a problem in speaking or that you swallow words, you might also be faster than what can be understood. So record yourself while reading or practicing English so you know where you need to improve. Recording your voice will help you modulate your voice, emphasize important words and confidently speak the words.

We have shared numerous ways to help you learn spoken English faster but let us tell you that the main strategy for learning English can be collapsed into 4 main strategies which are – Listen, Read, Write and Speak!

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