Best Franchise Business: 5 Reasons to Invest In SmartSchool Education


Let us explore the best franchise business in India but before that do you know which is the most profitable sector in India? In this blog, we will cover the best franchise business opportunity in the most profitable sector of India and give you the best business idea to start your business. Education is one of the key aspects of human development. Under any circumstances, the delivery of education cannot be hampered since it is an inalienable aspect of human society.


The need of delivering education was even more evident as schools and universities closed their gates owning to the rampaging pandemic across the world. As students are locked down in their homes, continuing their education becomes vital for a sane and advanced society.


Keeping pace with the changing times, the EdTech industry has strived continuously on delivering quality education to students straight to the comfort of their homes. As the pandemic has sparked a new-found interest in the market, it has made it become one of the most stable and profitable business models amidst the pandemic which makes it one of the most lucrative options to look at for new business owners who are looking to make a difference.


SmartSchool Education offers a similar franchise model which offers an easy and seamless entry into the EdTech market. For entrepreneurs looking for a new business opportunity, investing in SmartSchool Education�s franchise model will surely make perfect sense.


Here we will be taking a quick glance at how and why should you invest in SmartSchool Education�s franchise model if you are willing to dip your toes in the EdTech market.


1. Low investment/high returns: Starting any new business requires financial commitment and support. Likewise, starting a new venture in the EdTech industry also requires investments to get the ball rolling. But unlike most of the business models, SmartSchool Education�s franchise model demands quite a low financial barrier to entry into the EdTech industry.


New business owners can now own SmartSchool Education�s franchise at significantly lower costs than any other franchise model. With the EdTech industry rapidly growing to new heights, the returns on your investments will be on the higher side. Expect to have a projected income range of between 2 lakhs to all the way up to 10 lakh every month, making SmartSchool Education�s franchise model a lucrative business opportunity to invest.


2. Mass market: EdTech is a ubiquitous industry. Owning to the lowering of data prices and smart devices, online classes have become a necessity rather than a luxury in this time of the pandemic. The lowering of data prices has also enabled the inclusion of a wider base of students.


With the closure of schools and colleges in the country, students and teachers have turned to digital and online tools to deliver classes. As there is no solution to the pandemic in sight, this new education trend is here to stay. Business owners can now reach out to a massive audience with SmartSchool Education�s franchise model.


With SmartSchool Education, entrepreneurs can help massively in delivering education to this hugely demanding crowd to become a key force in the country�s education sector.


3. High customer demand: Owning to the looming pandemic, the world had to shut down to prevent the further spread of the virus. This halt of regular life has affected the education model, students have been following for many years. The pandemic has sparked a newfound interest and needs in the online education model.


Whatever may be the case, education is never going out of fashion. To cope with this massive customer demand, SmartSchool Education�s franchise model is going to be the perfect choice in delivering quality education in these perilous times.


And even when the world will return to normalcy, digital/online education would become the new normal as more and more students are getting comfortable in adopting with the evolving times.


4. Recession proof business model: Recession or crashing markets have seen disastrous effects on our society. From the great depression to the great crash of the stock market, these unforeseen events have resulted in a lot of job losses and pay cuts.


With the pandemic again threatening to hit the economies and the pockets of the common man. Many industries have seen a rapid downfall in the number of customers as well as their monthly revenues. However, the EdTech model was one of the most resistive markets that have seen enormous growths even during this ravaging pandemic.


Owning to the pandemic, the industry saw uniform growth with massive spikes of enrolments during the course of the pandemic. One of the main reasons for its sustainability and growth is due to its essential nature. As we discussed in the previous sections, education is one of the key pillars of human development which cannot be halted in any situation.


With schools and universities closing down, the need for online classes skyrocketed creating opportunities for the new business owners and the new age worker. With SmartSchool Education�s franchise model, business owners can now enter a recession-proof industry where the only way ahead is forward. SmartSchool Education has ensured the delivery of quality education to keep up with the growing demand whilst creating earning opportunities for you.


5. Repeat Business or recurring income: How many times do we see a child switch school? How many times do we see a student switch college? The answer will be minimal. It is quite unnatural to see students switch educational institutions.


One of the main reasons being the students becoming familiar with the curriculum and the flow of education. It is quite natural for students to finish their higher secondary classes in the school they were admitted as kids. Apart from the emotional value, sticking to a single education model helps students with a cohesive model of education which makes it easier for them to learn. The same is the case with online education models.


If a student is comfortable with the class delivery and is finding value in the classes, they are most likely to continue on the platform.


SmartSchool Education�s franchise model helps to achieve this same consistency by encouraging repeat business from existing students which results in a stable and recurring income. With SmartSchool Education, entrepreneurs and new business owners can leverage this immense industry to help craft a recurring business model.


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