Electronic Media – Understanding Media – Class 7 Notes

In the last twenty years, we have seen further technological growth in electronic media. Internet and cable TV are the new buzzwords that have reached a large number of people and are still growing. With each advancement in electronic media, there was an immense change in the quality of images and sounds. At the same time, the reach of electronic as well as print media kept on expanding more than ever before.

Technology not only improves the quality but also brings about a change in our thinking. Today, we cannot imagine a life without TV, mobiles, and the internet. These enable us to think of ourselves as members of the global world. Telephones have shortened distance across the world.

The TV and internet which use satellite and cable technology have helped to bring images from across the globe to our homes. One can view a number of channels which are aired from different countries. For example, most of the cartoon shows that you watch on TV are either from Japan or the United States.

Media and Money

The technology that the mass media uses keeps on changing continuously as more advanced machines is developed. To keep abreast of their competitors they have to deploy the latest technologies which require a great deal of money. Moreover in bringing, news or a favorite program to your home’s a number of technicians like cameramen, light men, sound recordists, etc, and several artists or newsreaders are required.

This is like any other profession in which people have to be paid for services rendered. Therefore, the mass media requires a lot of money to run its operations. We find that a number of television channels and newspapers are part of big business houses because of the high costs involved.
The most popular method used to earn money by mass media for running its operations is in the form of advertisements.

Every time you watch a program on TV there are several advertisements that are flashed across during the short breaks. The purpose, of course, is to influence the customer and make him buy a product. In return, those companies who give advertisements pay revenue to the channels. Radio also earns money through its audio advertisements.

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