How To Study Smart And Ace The Exam Like A Topper?

The Biggest questions in the mind of every parent and student are how to study smart and how do smart students study? What are the tools and techniques a smart student uses to ace any exam? You might have guessed that scoring well in exams is not the result of rot learning or cramming, rather it is the result of consistent effort towards studying, proper revision, and notes taking!

We are sharing the best tools and techniques, smart students use for faster and better learning.

1. Take the First Bench!

Students who sit in front can focus better on what the teacher is teaching. Smart Students know this, they always choose the front seat so they can clearly see and learn the concepts, ask questions and solve their doubts frequently with their class teachers and eventually perform better in exams.

2. Make Awesome Notes

We all know that everybody rushes to smart students for notes during exams but why? It is because their notes are awesome but also tricky to learn from because they are unique and personalized!

The best way to take notes is to write down the important information while eliminating all the unnecessary ones but what some students do is just rewrite what the teacher just said. This way of note-taking isn’t going to help for revision, instead, it will be lengthy! When you make notes, use your own handwriting and write down your own clues so while revising you quickly get enough about the concepts just by looking at your notes.

3. Have a good night’s sleep to perform better in exams!

Your brain needs rest to process the information so have a good amount of sleep to recharge your brain and maintain your health. Plentiful sleep prepares your brain to form new neural connections and build memories. Lack of sleep affects student’s concentration and other important skills.

To sleep early, decrease the room temperature if possible, avoid screen light during bedtime at all costs. You can also read a short story or meditate but do not exercise as it would make you active which is contrary to what we want, which is to sleep on time. In short, sleeping 7-8 hours will boost your learning potential and overall health!

4. Revise Properly

Revising doesn’t mean only rereading what you have learned. You can also try techniques like teaching someone who knows nothing about the topic. If you can explain simply then you have mastered the concept but if not, you need to learn more.

Try taking a quiz on the topic you are learning, quizzes are concept-based so there is a great chance you would get a clearer picture of the subject. Solved Test Papers to test how much there is left to cover. Read chapter summaries and key pointers to revise faster. Give mnemonics and acronym techniques a try to learn effectively.

5. Make a list of daily goals!

Having a goal is what distinguishes a smart student from an average student. You must have a list of daily goals, a to-do list to work on. Smart students have priorities, they know what assignments they need to do, what subject they need to revise, what resources they need to read, and plan their day accordingly!

To perform well at school, make a list of goals that you need to achieve today. Achieving daily goals boosts confidence and makes you ahead of others.

6. Say No to all-nighters!

NO, Smart Students have a different strategy for cracking an exam. They do not stay up all night to cram up the subject, they know how to study smart instead they sleep peacefully knowing they have studied well! Smart Students focus on consistent learning rather than exhausting themselves in one night!

They study daily, solve test papers, attempt quizzes, read a lot, make notes, revise daily which takes less than a couple of hours after school! This strategy prepares them to perform better without panicking. You can play all day long when you know you can ace the exam without putting in much effort just like high scorers do.

To summarize, to get high scores you need to study but how you study depends on your choice, whether you want to study all night before exams panicking or just a couple of hours daily! However, we would recommend you to study the second way so you can ace the exam with the least effort and stress!!

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