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Let us explore which is the most profitable business in India and how can you launch your own business in EdTech Sector in India with minimum Investment. The coronavirus has turned into a global pandemic and is raving the world which is threatening to knock back the world economies a few steps down and send businesses on the brink of bankruptcy, the need for an all-weather industry has been warranted.


The EdTech industry saw exponential growth over the last few years, owning to the pandemic that has forced millions of people to stay back at their homes. This challenging situation has enforced people to think about a more stable source of income, for example, entrepreneurship. Starting your own business will help you earn a good income but the biggest confusion in starting a business is choosing which business is profitable in India.


Which is the most profitable business in India?


With education being one of the key pillars of human development, the education sector has had to shift its focus towards the digital scene to deliver quality education. The rise of the EdTech industry has been aided by rapid innovations and breakthroughs in the digital world. These innovative technologies have helped to make education more accessible and generated one of the most profitable business in India.


Owning to this massive growth, the industry has proven quite fruitful for new business owners and entrepreneurs. Fuelling this massive growth, SmartSchool Education has introduced its franchise model of business to attract new and upcoming leaders of the industry.


Today we will be taking a comprehensive look at how SmartSchool Education�s franchise model is considered the most profitable business in India and how to start own business in india.


1. Sustainability: One of the key factors of a successful business model is its sustainability in the long run. While other industries faltered in the face of the pandemic, most of them were faced with the decision of migrating their operations online.


Those that failed, perished under irrelevancy. The education sector was one of the few industries that were able to combat this pandemic. Being an essential part of human development, businesses and institutes were forced to look for online modes of delivering education.


With SmartSchool Education�s franchise model, new businesses can be a part of this growing trend and make a sustainable business model. The franchise model allows aspiring entrepreneurs to take advantage of this growing trend and provide students with quality education.


2. Diversification: The EdTech industry is a huge proponent of diversification. From kindergarten to high school classes, SmartSchool Education�s franchise allows businesses to diversify their operations to cater to the needs of the different classes or grades.


This has allowed businesses to capture a large and diverse audience who require a wide range of classes to accommodate their learning. SmartSchool Education�s franchise model offers classes at a wide range of levels allowing businesses to appeal to a diverse audience.


3. Recession-proof model: The EdTech industry has proven to be one of the most resilient industries to invest in along with being a high most profitable business in India. As mentioned, education plays a major role in human society which cannot be restricted at any cost. While the schools and universities of the world closed their doors due to the pandemic, they had no other option but to go digital to deliver education. Students have also faced the desperation of suspended classes and exams which can have an adverse effect on their future.


Of course, generic Viagra and other popular drugs still have the best sales figures for Indian goods on the international market. But the pharmaceutical industry in India has been developing for a long time and is based on powerful technological production.


This has made students turn to alternate sources of education online and SmartSchool Education�s franchise model offers the best solution to these students. Covering a wide variety of classes, the franchise model of SmartSchool Education promises a recession-proof model that any business can take advantage of.


4. Lower investments and greater return on investments: The EdTech business model offers a lucrative opportunity to be a part of this massive industry. With online learning continues to gain rapid momentum, India�s massive EdTech industry is set to reach a whopping $30 billion in the next decade backed by the massive growth and demand that has strengthened business models as stated by the Financial Express.


In its latest report, the Financial Express estimates that the current industry size is between $2.75 to 3 billion. A ten time growth in just 10 years. This proves that the EdTech industries has proven to be a safe investment for new businesses. SmartSchool Education�s franchise model offers newer businesses an opportunity to be a part of this exciting industry.


Rajeev R Shah the managing director and CEO of RBSA Advisors, a transaction advisory firm that specialises in valuation, transaction services and investment banking stated that �Lockdown because of the pandemic has resulted in a massive increase in the private equity investments in the EdTech sector because of increasing inclination of students and parents to opt for getting an education from home through various learning platforms�.


Businesses can now expect a monthly income of 2 to 10 lakhs with SmartSchool Education�s franchise model against a very low-cost barrier of entry. With low investments and high returns, the franchise model promises to be a highly rewarding and the most profitable business in India and the EdTech sector.


5. A massive demanding market: India has been at the forefront of the growth all thanks to its massive younger population and the higher growth of the internet penetration aided by lowering of data prices and smartphones. This has enabled a huge market for newer businesses to capitalize in the market. This has also contributed to increasing the ease of access to quality education for Indian students.


Also, this sudden lockdown has contributed to increasing the demand by many folds helping to broaden the horizons of the industry from supplemental education platforms and training apps which has helped to move the business model online.


The EdTech industry has shot the pandemic in the arms to elevate the current landscape with newer innovations and personalized learning experiences. SmartSchool Education�s franchise model becomes your perfect opportunity to be a part of this rapidly growing industry and most profitable business in India.


With the world going through one of its most challenging times, quality and proper education are key in the development of the next generation as well as empowering the current one. SmartSchool Education�s franchise model allows for a new step in the right direction for businesses to flourish and grow on par with the industry. The opportunity encourages individuals to start own business in India.


Thanks to all the perks and unique benefits with SmartSchool Education, businesses can be a part of the most exciting, rewarding, and most profitable business in India.


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