Self Study: How to Make My Child Study Independently?

Do you think that too much parental involvement is absolutely a great idea? Well, sometimes it is okay, but if it is going on all the time, then it’s not good at all. To encourage your child for self study, you must know what is required in order to make your child an independent learner. Like suppose if parents help their child doing homework, then they are playing a perfect role, but if daily they do so then we think it can harm your child.

They always feel like parents are there to help them so they don’t need to take the studies or homework as a serious concern. You should do something to make your child an independent learner. We decided to share some proven strategies that can help you how to teach a child to study independently.

1. Have faith in your child whatever they do

Every child is a genius and can complete the studies/homework on time. And if they don’t take help from you and want to do it on their own then don’t help just watch. Every parent wants their children to face the challenges in lieu of doing things regarding studies for them.

So, believe in your child and just watch how they do. All you have to do is check whether they did perfectly or not or they really need help from you or not.

2. Encourage their Progress and their self-study motivation

Those days are long gone when parents always give rewards to the children when they score good marks. This conveys a wrong message because efforts and improvement always remained overlooked at that time. Now, what is the solution?

You are watching that your child is an independent learner now. Parents should always praise their children for their performance and their work when they score good grades. You will always see like your child is boosted and the best part is they will like the idea of an independent learner.

3. Focus on creating opportunities for them

We are here to know how to motivate a child to study independently and this is also a proven strategy for you to know. Parents should create opportunities for them so that children should feel like they should take initiatives from now onwards. When you go to the library with them, allow them to take books whichever they like.

They will search with their own efforts and do the entire process without taking the assistance. Give them the responsibility so that they never get dependent on anyone in the present and future both. This aids them to gain confidence in themselves and this is what the parents want. If you want independent self-study in children, this strategy is also beneficial.

4. Are you helping your child to provide learning space?

Well, you landed in the right place to know how to teach a child to study independently, and guess what we have one more tip for you. We have seen most of the children make their own learning space and some need assistance from their parents to do this.

It is quite obvious that they need a learning space to study. And once they do it by themselves then they will keep attention more in learning and will never-ever ask from the parents what they need from them. You feel like your child is independent now. Please note down this as the best self-study skill.

5. Let your child struggle to answer the question

Suppose you are sitting with your child and he/she is doing the mock test of any subject and your child needs help from you. Just help them by answering the first and second question if you know correctly. But make sure the rest of the question will be solved by the child only.

You just have to see whether he/she is doing correctly or not. If they do incorrectly then it’s okay. You have to encourage them to answer themselves. You are not supposed to help them all the time. Your goal is making your child study independently will be achievable if you adapt this remarkable option.

6. Set the Time to complete it

Make it more interesting for the children. Like if your child wants to complete the mock test of mathematics. You can set the time limit and tell your child to finish on the time and all questions should be solved by themselves. They will show more attention and it can create interest in them to do this activity.

Perhaps they like this self-study skill and try to do this by themselves all the time. Bear in mind: the time limit should be reasonable and the reason is to help the child to solve every question given in the book with good handwriting. You are improving your child’s habit of self-study. You are running on the right track now.

7. Make sure your child discuss with you too

You trained your child as an independent learner but if he/she completes the homework task or study then make sure they discuss with you whatever they do. This is very important. They should share with you what they did without taking any assistance from anyone.

Find out what they did correctly or what they don’t. The discussion makes you feel like your child focuses on study independently and also likes to talk to you. Sharing everything with you about their self-study is wonderful. If they don’t sometimes then you can ask them about their whole day regarding self-study and homework of every subject.

8. It’s great if they set their goals

How many goals did your child make and how many goals did your child make while taking assistance from you? There is a big difference between these statements. Have you understood what we are trying to convey?

Like we know that examinations are going on, so if you help them in this task then it’s good but if they set the goals by themselves then it’s wonderful. All you have to do is just check whether they are following their goals correctly or need some changes. Your child can study themselves, but what they need are the right resources and the right environment to study!

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