Smart Classroom: Upgrade Your Classroom Technology With Studynlearn

Turn Your Ordinary Classroom Into Smart Classroom with Studynlearn.

Nobody likes to be a part of a boring classroom setting. Gone are those days when chalk and board culture was trending. It started with regular boards, and then it kept evolving. Now is the time to turn your classroom into a smart classroom with the latest technology.

Ever since COVID entered our planet, schools have been experiencing major losses. Students are dropping their admission to schools and parents have started looking out for institutes with the latest technology. We don't blame them! Parents are worried about their children's future. If schools aren't embracing the latest technology, children will suffer during the lockdown, and school closure, and they will never get to experience smart classrooms.

As a school owner, teacher, principal, or someone with authority, you must look at the latest technology for schools and how it can enhance e-Learning.

Here's an article that highlights how you can upgrade your classroom with the latest technology and turn your class into a smart classroom without any challenges. Dive into the article to find out!

Why Do You Need To Convert Your Regular Classroom Into Smart Classroom?

You need a technology that's easy to use for both students and teachers. The world is digitally advanced and classrooms are being transformed every passing day. Students want to grow and if you don't give them the right exposure (to technology), they won't be able to catch up with the fast-paced world.

What is a Smart Classroom anyway?

Smart classrooms are technology-enhanced classrooms that integrate learning technology such as computers, specialized software, and audio/visual capabilities to encourage opportunities for teaching and learning.

Advanced technology has the power to enhance traditional and contemporary teaching methodologies. It also offers a lot of fun and engagement. Smart and interactive learning makes the students want to attend the class and pay attention to what the teacher says.

Teachers also get to add some creative and fun elements to a smart classroom. They can showcase visuals and make use of audio as well. Let's not forget that interactive games and quizzes are as important to grab the attention of students.

There's one more reason for upgrading your classroom. Schools were shut during COVID time, but now they are opening their doors and are expecting new admissions. When parents visit your school, they would be pleased to see technologically advanced smart classrooms.

Classrooms need the latest technology because your students deserve the best! Don't you want your school and its classrooms to stand out?

Evaluating Your Current Technological Devices in School

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Are you using technology thats difficult to understand or use?
  2. Does the latest technology offer a remote learning option?
  3. Can students use the technology in their respective homes?
  4. Is the latest technology cost-effective?

If all or some of the answers result in a "No', you need to leverage the latest technology in your classroom to enhance the quality of education you are imparting to 21st-century students.

Of course, a smart classroom allows you to showcase videos and other visuals to your students, which will boost their curiosity, engage them in your lessons, push them to ask questions, and boost the overall learning process.

What are the high-impact technology upgrades your schools should include?

  • User-friendly and interactive learning app
  • 2D-3D animated videos
  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Video lessons explaining difficult concepts simply
  • Online quizzes and question banks

Interactive whiteboards are excellent for blended learning. It is relatively new for schools, but the top ones are making it a part of their classrooms.

Lecture recording is helpful for students who want to refer to the lecture later on. Every student has their own pace of learning - they should be able to get back to their lecture and make notes.

Well, we have a better idea! How about investing in a learning application? A highly interactive school app is needed for the betterment of the school and its students and teachers.

Teachers need these technological aids to make teaching and learning fun and interesting. Schools should invest in learning apps that are solely for their institution. 

Students can gain access to video lessons, quizzes, and worksheets via a learning application. You might think that this is an expensive investment. Development costs can pinch your pocket, but StudynLearn removes all the extra costs. How? Keep reading to find out!

Get Your Very Own Learning Application

StudynLearn offers a bundled solution to schools - it has many features that will attract students, teachers, and even parents.

How Can Studynlearn Upgrade Your Classroom?

Studynlearn is providing a bundled solution by integrating a powerful teaching platform with its learning app along with high-quality smart class content to upgrade your classroom, improve the quality of education and boost your school brand.

Benefits of Studynlearn all in one solution for schools or coaching centers.

Many amazing features have been incorporated into Studynlearn's bundled solution, we will break the solution into a few parts and understand the benefit of each of them.

  1. Learning App
  2. Teaching Platform
  3. Smart Class Solution
  4. White-labeled under your brand name (The app will be under the name of your school to maintain your brand's integrity and boost your school brand)
  5. Complete teacher's training

Benefits of Learning App

  • 2D - 3D high quality animated videos
  • Highly interactive and user-friendly app
  • 3000+ Publishers mapped in content
  • CBSE, ICSE, and other state board content are available
  • Bilingual feature
  • All subject included
  • 1 lakh+ Quizzes
  • Interactive tools and games
  • Engaging video lessons
  • Personalized learning
  • Real-time performance tracking
  • Check content usage to monitor progress

Benefits of Teaching App

  • Conduct live lectures
  • Instant doubt solution
  • Live chat features during online class
  • Assign and check assignments
  • Add remarks
  • Monitor progress
  • Monitor performance
  • Check content usage
  • Add study resources
  • Add quizzes, worksheets, and homework
  • Effective teaching with screen share
  • Manage attendance
  • Share recorded lectures

And a lot more, don't worry about understanding the application - complete teacher's training is provided to help teachers use the solution in a seamless manner.

This application has a bilingual feature so if students don't have a strong English vocabulary, they can watch the video lessons in Hindi. International students can make good use of the English video lessons.

Another positive aspect of this learning application is there are real-life videos. Teachers educate students and they teach different concepts. Students want to see and hear things in order to believe in it.

With the StudynLearn application's real-life videos, students can start believing in concepts. Even if there is a lockdown, school closure, or restriction to exploring the outside world, students can still find out what is happening in the real world.

There are lakhs of questions in the repository. Students can indulge in quizzes, worksheets, and teachers can also use the time-bound quizzes.

The best part about the application is that students can go back and practice. If they have doubts, there is a doubt-clearing feature as well. Both parents and teachers can also monitor progress and performance via the school's app.

Are you aware that more than 6,000 schools are using the StudynLearn application? Schools have their own learning application - thanks to StudynLearn. Your school can also take a free demo session of the application and make a decision.

Students love to view 2D and 3D animations. Interactive revision tools are what make the Studynlearn application unique and incredible. If you hired an app developer or designer, it would be very expensive for the school, but why will you spend a fortune on building an app from scratch when you can get a ready-made, customized, and user-friendly learning app in the name of your own school.

Concluding Thoughts

What are you thinking? Book a free demo session online and find out how StudynLearn helps in upgrading classrooms with the latest technology!

The content is mapped as per the school's board and publishers. Moreover, content is available for all subjects and it is quite convenient to use. You will be enthralled and intrigued by the benefits. It does not cost a fortune and is very helpful for students, teachers, and even parents.

Feel free to skim through the features, pricing, and other details. Students will benefit from this application in multiple ways. Say YES to technology and get the StudynLearn application for your school.

To know more, call on 8927089280.

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