Social Media Advertising: How to Advertise Your Brand On Social Media?

Social media advertising has become is present everywhere in our daily lives. From its constant pings and notifications to the endless scrolling on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, our daily lives have got intertwined with social media. Today, there is no better place to promote your brand than social media. Thanks to billions of active users on these platforms, your brand and product will reach out to the intended customers.

This article will explore ways to enhance your social media presence and how to do social media advertising for your brand.

1. Have a Complete Profile:

This is perhaps one of the simplest aspects of your brand social media page that you forget to address. This can have a grave impact on your brand visibility and identity since customers would be keen on knowing more about your brand before they can associate themselves with it or buy your products. Come up with a comprehensive and quirky profile bio to ensure users can resonate better with your brand.

2. Branded Hashtags:

Hashtags have become powerful tools of promotion. Try websites like Google Trends and others to get an idea of which are the most trending hashtags in your industry and come up with cool and quirky hashtags that can be associated well with your brand. This is a great way of promoting your products as well as your brand on social media.

3. Cross-platform Promotions:

There are several social media platforms on the internet and several new platforms too, that are trying to get a share of the market. Try to expand your business beyond the likes of traditional social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram and switch to other platforms like Twitch or Redditt.

Though there might not have your focus customers, you can easily engage users on one platform and redirect them to your prominent social media pages. This will help you to reach out to the maximum number of potential customers possible.

4. Target Audience:

You will need to understand the target audience if you want to reach out more effectively to them. Knowing your target audience will also help you to create more targeted posts and visuals for your audience. A great example of this can be found with the Indian men’s grooming brand “Beardo”. Analyzing their potential customer base and analyzing their needs, they were able to craft relevant content that drew the attention of the crowd. This helped them become a dominating force in the industry.

5. Knowing the Needs of the Audience:

Drawing relevance from the previous point, it is absolutely vital that you understand the needs of the audience and how your brand should be able to fulfill that. If you are able to spot the needs perfectly, nothing can stop you from reaching the top. It is all about knowing what the market needs.

6. Create Targeted Ads:

Once you are able to identify your audience and their needs, you should be able to create targeted ad campaigns for social media advertising on social media platforms. Using targeted ads, you would be able to serve content only to the potential customer and not everyone on the platform. This gives you a more focussed approach resulting in higher sales figures and brand prominence. Take advantage of the various targeting tools offered by social media platforms to get your brand more noticed.

7. Use Monthly Newsletters:

Newsletters are a great way of keeping your regular customers informed about the monthly updates of your brand and intrigue curiosity in the minds of potential customers as well. Use your monthly newsletters to highlight your brand’s social media presence and the products to ensure conversion levels are always at the highest.

8. Use Social media advertising to give out special discounts:

This is a great strategy used by many brands. It is especially prominent with YouTubers. They often give out special reward coupons and giveaways but the catch is that the user must follow them on social media so they can get updated when such offers are released. Not only does it help them drive more traffic towards their social media platforms, but it also helps to increase engagement levels on their posts. Employ such strategies to make your brand more prominent on social media.

9. Contests and giveaways:

Who does not like a freebie? A brilliant way of attracting new customers to your brand on social media is by organizing a contest or a giveaway. This is a great method of increasing organic traffic to your brand’s social media pages as well as attracting potential customers to try out the experience.

10. Go behind the scenes:

No one wants to look at your promotional items all day long. Give your social media page a personal touch. Include sneak peeks in the operations, talk about the employees, showcase the work floor, etc so that the users feel much more included and are therefore better able to associate themselves with your brand. This also gives a more natural feel to your social media pages. After all social media platforms are made with humans in mind.

11. Introduce a loyalty program:

Though this is not relevant for smaller businesses right at the moment, as your business starts to grow and expand, trying out loyalty programs is not a bad idea. This helps to understand how much trust the brand has been able to earn from its customers. Give out loyalty subscriptions and introduce several relevant benefits that would go along with it.

Creating a loyalty program does take time and patience. It is not as easy as giving out discount coupons to returning customers. An effective loyalty program would be able to boost your brand value as well as help to attract potential customers.

12. Engage:

The final and the most important tool to increase your brand’s presence on social media is by engaging with your followers. If you fail to cater to your existing followers and always run for new followers, customers will start to lose faith in your brand. You certainly do not want that happening. Use your social media platform to engage with the audience, listen to what they have to say about your brand. Understand the criticism that they might have and try to learn from them.

Reply to their comments and address all their issues. This will make the customer much more comfortable with your brand. Organize live streams and Q & A sessions. This will help to increase the goodwill for your brand and cement its position with the customers. Just like we told. All you would need is a personal touch. 

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