How Studynlearn Learning App is Transforming Elearning in India?

As education is an inseparable and inalienable part of human society which empowers the next generation and with eLearning, the industry is on a path to revolutionizing how India and the world learn. With schools and universities shutting their doors to the daily attendance, SmartSchool Education became the savior. With their revolutionary product, StudynLearn Learning App, SmartSchool Education was able to reinvent the way of digital learning.

E-Learning has been rapidly growing and continuously outpacing the traditional education method. This has been never so true. With the pandemic, fuelling the growth of the eLearning sector with innovations and technology, the company offers a great scope for the world that has a plunge into lockdown due to the pandemic.

David Warlick famously quoted

“We need technology in every classroom and every student and teacher’s hand, because it is the pen and paper of our time, and it is the lens through which we experience much of our world.

StudynLearn Learning App has made learning more interactive and enjoyable making it more effective in young minds. Here we will be taking a look at some of the defining attributes of StudynLearn, that make it the best choice for your child.

1. The Brilliance of Visual Learning:

Visual cues can be quite effective learning tools. There is a vast difference between understanding a concept by reading about it and understanding it by watching it come to life. SmartSchool Education understands this brilliance and has incorporated video animations and animated lectures in StudynLearn Learning App that bring the concept to life making retaining concepts much easier for the students.

2. Personalized Learning:

Not everyone learns at a similar pace and that is why SmartSchool Education has made learning personalized on StudynLearn Learning App. Each individual student gets the absolute full attention that they deserve. Personalized study plans and doubt clearing sessions ensure proper retention in young minds.

StudynLearn Learning App provides all subjects from KG to 12th i.e., Maths, Science, History, Civics, Geography, Economics, EVS, Hindi, English, Computer Science, and General Knowledge. Additionally, it can be the perfect friend for young students. SmartSchool Education is the only organization whose content has been approved by the CBSE.

3. Dedicated Mentor support:

Traditional classrooms have dozens of students with a single teacher. While some teachers were quite adept at handling a crowd, some were definitely outnumbered. StudynLearn Learning App aims to eliminate this problem by introducing dedicated mentor support for each student. Students can reach out at any time to their mentors and clarify their questions. Dedicated mentors also emphasize better on personalized learning to help students adjust well to complicated topics and subjects.

4. The country’s best teachers:

Students at StudynLearn Learning App always learn from the best teachers from all over the country. With modern teaching techniques and visual teaching, the fundamentals of the concepts are strengthened gradually and students learn more consistently and effectively. With support from over 15 state boards from across the country, StudynLearn Learning App ensures to bring the top teachers to help students learn from the best.

5. Doubt Solving feature:

At StudynLearn Learning App, every doubt is welcome. No matter how trivial, students can always find helpful solutions to their doubts with StudynLearn. The doubt-solving feature comes quite in handy when stuck with specific problems to the topic. Students can get their questions answered any time on StudynLearn Learning App and also seek council from their dedicated mentors.

6. Learning based on the concept:

Learning is based on experience and not reputation. You can teach a monkey to understand a basic command by repeating it enough times. That is not learning. Learning should be based on experience and students at StudynLearn Learning App do just that. An emphasis on concept-based learning ensures the ideas are always retained in the minds of the students that they can find practical applications of.

7. Best Study Material: Online and Offline, Choose a Book Feature and More

StudynLearn Learning App offers students study materials and exercises that they can solve to gain more understanding of the topic. Students have access to a plethora of preparation materials that they can go through to reinforce what they have learned. Studynlearn provides content for all 15 state boards and mapping for 3000+ publishers, students will always be prepared for their next test, regardless of the publication they study by using the “Choose a book” feature.

You can download the offline version of Studynlearn Learning App and can seamlessly switch between online and offline modes.

8. Practice materials:

Practice makes a man perfect and StudynLearn Learning App accepts no less than perfect. There is a flood of practice materials that students can access from their accounts to ensure all the topics are revised and they don’t lose touch with the concepts. Practice from the 1 Lakh + question repository. Access the materials at any time and practice to your heart’s content to perfect the concepts in your minds.

9. A faster and more efficient way of learning:

StudynLearn employs only the most efficient and innovative teaching models to ensure students have the best learning experiences that they can remember for life. With visual tools and interactive sessions, students learn much faster. Students become learners for life with the best mentors and personalized learning journeys crafted for each individual.

10. Adaptive tools to make learning simple:

The pace of the language should never be a hindrance in education. The StudynLearn app allows students to take classes at their own pace. This includes having full control of the playback speed of the lectures according to convenience along with subtitles for better understanding.

BONUSStudynlearn Learning App is Bilingual: The classes are also available in both Hindi and English to include the maximum number of students with the ability to switch the language on the fly, making learning much more accessible and less language dependable. You can switch the language on the fly without pausing both in online as well as offline mode.

11. Comprehensive assessments:

Tests should not be dreaded. StudynLearn Learning App has made tests more fun. With creative formats like puzzles and sliders, the test becomes instantly more fun with StudynLearn. Students also get visual solutions and video suggestions to enrich their understanding of the topic.

12. A preference on “learn-by-doing”: Practical Learning

StudynLearn Learning App emphasizes the importance of practical learning and therefore employs innovative hands-on practice for the students. With real-time feedback and digital performance and worksheets, students are far more likely to learn more effectively and receive further qualitative feedback from their mentors.

13. Interactive Games and Quizzes

Learning does not get any more fun than with StudynLearn. Designed to pique the student’s interest and curiosity, interactive games are introduced to allow for increased attention and engagement. StudynLearn also offers offline support to students where the contents can be easily downloaded to be consumed at any later stage without the requirement of an active internet connection.

14. A dedicated parents’ zone: Child Usage Report

Parents can now keep track of the progress of their wards at any time that they want. StudynLearn offers a dedicated portal for parents to check their child’s daily progress allowing them to be closely involved with the growth and development of their child.

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