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Please feel free to reach out to us by filling up the form below. For the most appropriate response from our side, make sure you state the nature of your query.

Get High Returns With Studynlearn IFP Franchise

Become an extended family arm of Study'n'Learn

Innovative franchise opportunity for aspiring business owners looking to enter the education technology market. Offer a cutting-edge product designed to enhance learning outcomes and improve classroom engagement.

Why You Should Start An IFP Business?

Rapidly Rising
Customer Base

Why Studynlearn Interactive Flat Panel Franchise?

Build your
own brand
Get a competitive
edge over others
High profit
No ongoing

Highlights Of Studynlearn Interactive Flat Panel Franchise

Opportunity to work with multiple other educational products.

Diversified revenue streams
Opportunity to attract new customers
Opportunity to cross-sell products
Potential for increased profitability
Opportunity to establish as a one-stop-shop for customers.

Education conference for good franchises.

Exposure to new ideas and trends
Gaining insights from industry leaders
Opportunity to network with other franchisees
Sharing best practices and experiences
Gaining inspiration for business growth

Area exclusivity will be maintained

Reduced competition in the designated area
Ability to build a strong brand in the local market
Enhanced customer loyalty and brand recognition
Potential to charge higher prices due to exclusivity and demand
Opportunity for sustainable and profitable growth

Exclusive training support

Consistency in operations and quality
Increased chances of success
Proper understanding of business model
Knowledge of products and services
Understanding of marketing and sales strategies

Onsite trainer support

Maximise the potential of the product or service
Minimise the risk of errors or issues
Personalised guidance and recommendations

Lead Support

Improved sales and revenue
Reduced marketing costs and effort
Access to a larger pool of potential customers
More time to focus on running the business
Improved profitability and sustainable growth

Features of Studynlearn Interactive Flat Panel

  • Zero Bonding: Unmatched Writing Experience

  • 4K Resolution: UHD 3840 * 2680

  • Integrated K-12 Digital Content

  • Screen Life: 50,000 Hours

  • Android 11 OS: T982 | 4G+32G

  • Warranty Terms: 3 Years

  • Multi-touch: 40 points for Win 10/11 20 points for Android

  • Fine Writing: Write simultaneously with different colours and thicknesses automatically

  • Dual OS: Win 11 & Android Free to switch

Get Built-in K-12 Smart-Class Content

The Studynlearn interactive flat panel is an advanced solution that comes integrated with built-in K-12 Smart Class content. With this powerful combination, the interactive flat panel provides access to a vast library of high-quality educational resources that can help students learn and succeed. With the Studynlearn interactive flat panel, learning becomes more accessible, engaging, and effective.

  • 2 Million learning resources

  • 50,000+ Animated videos

  • 1 Lakh+ Questions

  • 10,000+ Interactive games


StudynLearn Franchise StudynLearn Solopreneur franchisee

Studynlearn IFP Franchise
Franchise Fees
3 Lakhs
4-6 Lakhs
Set Up Cost
2-3 Lakhs
Space Requirements
500 Sq. ft.

Become Studynlearn Solopreneur franchisee

Studynlearn Solopreneur Franchise
Franchise Fees
1 Lakh
2-3 Lakhs
Set Up Cost
1 Lakh
Space Requirements
300 Sq. ft.

If you wish to start a business for yourself you have landed at the right place. The question may arise in your mind- Why should I start my own business. Here is the answer for the same.

You want something which you can enjoy and more important to have a financial freedom along with Purpose, progress, respect and belongingness.
Here in StudyNLearn we offer you the same. A business model with a recurring revenue year on year.

Who can be a Solo Business Partner?

An individual who can connect with schools, colleges, coaching institutes and corporates. Can give presentations to principals and owners and have good communication and business skills.

Key Benefits of partnering with us

  • Hand Holding- A week long training session both in house and onsite for the effective use of the IFP. Training as and when the product or services have an upgrade. Training on how to make effective presentations.

  • After sales service- Our representative will help you in resolving the issues of the end user, will even travel to the customer location if need arise.

  • Recurring revenue model- Not just one time earning but earnings will come on monthly basis even after the IFP is sold..

  • Learning- Continuous learning and upgrading of our partner on products sales techniques, outreach activities to schools, colleges, tuition centers and corporates.

Revenue Model

Fixed- Based on the number of IFP sold.
Recurring- Recurring revenue year on year to reach the break even much sooner. This will be based on the Panel Renewal, Books, NEP and Content used by students and school.