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Please feel free to reach out to us by filling up the form below. For the most appropriate response from our side, make sure you state the nature of your query.

Best Online Class Studio Setup For YouTube and Video Creation

Create High Quality Professional Quality Videos and Take Interactive Live Sessions Through Our Studio Setup For YouTube and Online Classes

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Components Of Studynlearn's Complete Studio Setup Solution

Interactive Flat Panel With Stand

All-In-One PC (Server)

Two Display Monitors

4K PTZ Camera With Mount Kit

Wireless Headset Microphone


We also provide software for video recording and live streaming. With this software, you can easily record high-quality videos and broadcast live sessions to platforms like YouTube or Zoom and connect with your audience in real-time.

Setup Installation

We provide complete setup installation to ensure that all components are installed correctly and function smoothly. Our team of experts will set up the entire studio, ensuring that each component is properly connected and configured.

Complete Training

We offer complete setup training to guide you through the setup process step-by-step. We’ll walk you through every aspect, from operating the software to recording videos and streaming live sessions.

Studynlearn 4K Multi-Touch Interactive Flat Panel

The Studynlearn interactive flat panel is a cutting-edge teaching tool for today’s classrooms. Its easy-to-use interface and clear display promote collaboration and active learning. 

Studynlearn All In One PC (Server)

The Studynlearn All In One PC is the central hub for your studio setup, effortlessly connecting your mic, camera, and monitors. It comes pre-installed with advanced software for video recording and live broadcasting.

Studynlearn 4K AI PTZ Camera

The 4K PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) camera ensures crystal-clear video quality for recording lectures or conducting live classes. You can adjust the camera angle, pan across the room, and zoom in on specific details, capturing every aspect of the teaching environment with precision.

Wireless Headset Mic

Whether you’re delivering engaging lectures, conducting interactive presentations, or recording captivating content, our wireless headset mic delivers crystal-clear sound and exceptional audio quality.

Two Display Monitors - Monitor Your Videos and Live Broadcast

With two monitors included in the setup, you can multitask efficiently. Use one monitor to monitor yourself while recording, ensuring that you’re always in frame and delivering your content effectively. Meanwhile, use the other monitor to engage with your audience through live chat, answering questions and addressing concerns in real-time.

Studio Lights

Illuminate your studio space with professional-grade studio lights. With consistent lighting, your content will stand out and captivate your audience effortlessly.

Why Studynlearn's Teaching Studio Setup Solution?

25+ Offices Across India

Excellent Onsite Customer Support

13+ Years Of Experience

10 Lakh+ Delighted Students

Online Class Studio Setup Solution FAQ

  • The setup includes a Studynlearn 4K Interactive Flat Panel with Stand, Wireless Headset Mic, Studynlearn All-In-One PC (Server), Studynlearn 4K PTZ Camera with Mount Kit, Two Monitors, Studio Lights, Software for Video Recording and Live Streaming, Setup Installation, and Complete Setup Training.
  • The Studynlearn 4K Interactive Flat Panel is a high-resolution display with touch capabilities, crucial for delivering engaging presentations and interactive online classes. It provides a clear and immersive content delivery during online classes and YouTube videos.
  • Acting as the central hub, it manages data, software, and facilitates smooth operation during live streams and recordings.
  • It offers versatile shooting options with pan, tilt, and zoom functionalities, ensuring dynamic and engaging visuals.
  • Two monitors enable multitasking, allowing presenters to manage various tasks simultaneously, such as monitoring chat while delivering content.
  • Yes, professional installation services ensure the equipment is properly configured for optimal performance.
  • Yes, onsite technical support is available to address any issues or queries regarding the Studynlearn Studio Setup.
  • Yes, we provide complete training sessions with our studio package.
  • Studio lights ensure optimal lighting conditions, enhancing video quality and professionalism.
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