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Please feel free to reach out to us by filling up the form below. For the most appropriate response from our side, make sure you state the nature of your query.


Upgrade and Make Your School Future Ready With NEP App.

You can offer rich e-learning resources through the NEP app, which contains an interactive student app and a powerful teaching platform under your school's brand name. It is a one stop solution for all your school needs.

Boost School Admissions
Improve Your Student's Scores
Increase Student's Interest In Studies
Grow Your School 10X

Benefits Of Associating With Us

Brand Positioning
A new App under your school's brand will be created and will be uploaded by School's name on the play-store. The school's brand will be highlighted everywhere. Sophisticated 'Content Usage' and 'Weak Area Identification' tools in our teaching platform allow teachers and administrators to view and analyse student performance. Parents will be spellbound by the level of monitoring and individualised attention through this feature.

Competitive Advantage
Offering a branded App and teaching platform will help establish the school as a forward-looking and dynamic institution and will also serve as a differentiating factor. Worth a mention in the admission prospectus!

Save Cost
Schools no longer have to pay extra for smart class content and ERP.

Bundled Smart Class Content
Get smart class content in your school's brand name with 2 Million+ learning resources, 50,000+ animated videos, 1,00,000+ questions, and other interactive features.

Bundled School ERP - Management Ease
Manage your academic and administrative functions with your own brand's ERP. School ERP allows the administration to track fees, generate report cards, manage and send notifications from the notification centre. It will allow school admins to manage enquiries, transport, library, attendance, assignment, and payroll management. Teachers can conduct live classes, resolve doubts through live chat and provide education anytime anywhere.

What Will You Get In The NEP App?

  • 2 Million+ Learning Resources
  • CBSE Approved Digital Content
  • 50,000+ Animated Modules
  • Digital Content Mapped for CBSE, ICSE, and Other State Boards
  • 10,000+ Interactive Games
  • 3000+ Publishers Mapped for Personalized Learning

The NEP App incorporates five pillars of national education policy

Experiential Learning

Real-life videos, science experiments, virtual labs and games are integrated to deliver experiential learning to students.

Boost Concept Clarity - Eliminate Rote Learning

Concepts are explained in the form of 2D-3D animations, stories and cartoons to boost conceptual clarity and eliminate rote learning among students.

Multilingual Education

The complete content in the NEP app is available in both Hindi and English for easy understanding of concepts and to improve English speaking among students.

Student-Centric Learning Approach

Through the teaching app, teachers can track the complete usage, progress and performance of students. Based on the insights, teachers can improve their teaching technique and student's performance.

Critical Thinking

High Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) questions and a repository of 1 Lakh+ questions are integrated into the app to develop the student's critical thinking.